Our services are mostly focused on implementing projects in the field of education, training, VET, mediation and job placement.

  • Matrix staff management / Empower¬†employees with the necessary skills to provide the right business services.
  • Develop Matrix Staff Management and regular pieces of training for the Business staff
  • Mediation for employment/serving the business finding staff for work.
  • Prior learning recognition / certifying the knowledge and skills learned by doing
  • Data report and analysis
  • Moderation and training development
  • Project management / Write submit proposals, implement, and monitor projects
  • Knowledge and expertise on the VET/employment system and low in Albania
  • Knowledge and expertise in migration system in Albania
  • Business coaching skills for start-ups and small business/Business plan development
  • Labor market analysis and skills insertion
  • Partnership and initiatives/ Vet providers collaborate with companies outside the national training program