Our Team

Meet our Team

Edlira Pajuni has a master’s degree: in Business Management-2006 Bordeaux University. She has experience working with national and international organizations in Albania. She can design and develop projects for the whole cycle of the project’s life. She masters advocacies skills for community issues and she can apply diversified techniques of moderation. She speaks well English, French, and Italian.

Project Manager

Financial & Low studio- ARS is a Low and financial Studio. It is established in Tirana. They are working with both national and international organizations. They used to work in the projects fields and they know very well Albanian legislation and the tax system in Albanian even in the field of NGO legislation. Contracted by Albcontact they are in charge of the juridical and financial aspects of the organization’s activities


Communication & Dissemination Manager
Ermir Velaj<br /> Responsible staff for Communication and Dissemination. He holds a degree in Chemical Engineering. He has a talent for Informatics and he is doing Digital Marketing and Social Media for AlbContact. His areas of expertise include web analytics, social media marketing, conversion optimization, content marketing, and email marketing

Communication & Dissemination Manager